Oil changes are one of the most well-known vehicle maintenance tasks, but a lot of drivers still don’t know a lot about why they’re important or what they should be prepared for when they get an oil change. Our Gandrud oil change experts are here to answer some Dodge oil change FAQs!

Oil Change Questions

Use this guide to learn more about oil changes for your Dodge SUV or car.

  • Question: Why do I need regular oil changes?
    • Answer: As motor oil moves through your engine, it performs critical work keeping the parts lubricated and clean. But it also picks up dirt and particles that eventually break down the oil, leaving a sludge that can’t do its job effectively. Regular oil changes make sure you always have clean oil that can do its work and keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Question: Why should I visit a Dodge service center instead of doing an oil change myself?
    • Answer: In addition to laws surrounding the disposal of used oil which can get individual drivers into trouble, visiting a dealership means it’s much less likely that something will go wrong or be done incorrectly, which could cause serious problems for your Dodge car or SUV.
  • Question: How do I know what kind of motor oil to use?
    • Answer: The best way is to check your owner’s manual, or just ask one of our technicians! Our service center staff are experts in Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, and Jeep® models, which means they’ll be able to help you figure out what’s best for your model.

Dodge Oil Changes in Green Bay

Still have questions about oil changes for your vehicle? We have answers at Gandrud Dodge. Green Bay drivers can call to schedule a service visit or talk to one of the experts right here at Gandrud Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM.