If you’re a driver in the Green Bay area, you likely have heard about the importance of getting regular oil changes. But do you know exactly why they’re necessary? Here at Gandrud Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM, our team of mechanics performs Jeep oil changes regularly, as well as oil changes on other types of vehicles.

Here are the benefits of getting routine oil changes.  

Fue Efficiency 

Jeep SUVs are getting more fuel-efficient than ever, and one way to ensure that they stay that way is by getting regular oil changes. Oil sweeps away dirt, debris, and various other particles as it flows in the engine to prevent sludge from accumulating. Changing your oil keeps the sludge from building up, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient engine.  

Engine Longevity 

Everybody wants their Jeep SUV to last a long time. Dirty oil has gunk that causes increased friction and faster wear-and-tear on the engine. A cleaner engine runs smoother, works as it should, and typically will last longer.  

Environmentally Conscious 

Over time, heat degrades engine oil and releases harmful gases into the air. The process also facilitates the buildup of sludge inside the machine. As a result, the released gas from your Jeep SUV will include harmful hydrocarbons that are dangerous to the environment. Changing your oil on a regular basis helps pollute less.  

Worry-Free Emissions Test 

A smooth-running engine with fresh oil helps you pass the emissions test when it is required. Related to the last points, old oil causes your engine to run at less-than-ideal efficiency, which is something that can cause you to fail an emissions test.  

Get your next oil change scheduled today at Gandrud Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.