For the most part, cars are pretty durable. However, the longer you drive one, the greater the chance that something will wear out and need to be replaced. When this happens, you will have two types of parts to choose from — Mopar® or aftermarket — and here the Gandrud service center goes over both options.

What are Mopar Parts?

Mopar is the brand name of genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, and RAM vehicles. These come directly from the carmakers and are the exact components that get put into brand-new vehicles. Made of high-quality materials, Mopar parts are durable and designed to hold up well even with a lot of use. Plus, they are intended for specific models, so they have a precise fit and offer outstanding performance. They also come with warranty coverage.

Aftermarket Parts

The alternative to Mopar parts is aftermarket parts. These aren’t made by vehicle manufacturers, but instead, come from third-party parts makers. The biggest selling point with these parts is that they are usually cheaper than Mopar parts. However, because they are made from cheaper materials, they have a tendency to wear out a lot faster. Plus, aftermarket parts are meant to be used in a variety of different cars, so they may not have an exact fit. And, if they do come with any warranty coverage, it is typically very limited.

If your car needs a new part, be sure that you get a Mopar component. At Gandrud Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Green Bay, in addition to trained and certified technicians, you will only get genuine OEM parts. Contact us for ordering information or to schedule a service appointment.