If you need a Dodge oil change, skipping an appointment could come with a list of consequences. However, regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the health of your vehicle, and you can depend on our technicians to provide exceptional service. So, let’s look at what could happen to your car if you put off your routine oil change at Gandrud Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM in Green Bay.

Dirty Oil Filter

Your car’s oil filter helps eliminate debris that may accumulate over time, and if you wait too long between oil changes, the oil and filter will lose their effect. Therefore, we recommend checking your filter regularly and only using MOPAR®-recommended oil and filters, which we offer at our service center.

Poor Engine Performance

Waiting to change your oil could also affect your vehicle’s engine performance. Although oil contains protective additives, such as anti-wear agents, the quality will decrease with use, and you need to replace it regularly for them to be effective. Also, if you feel vibrations when the car is stopped or see visible smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, your oil probably needs replacing, at minimum.

Possible Engine Failure

Depending on specific factors, such as climate and how often you drive, your engine may stop working together if you put off an oil change long enough. It can be challenging to determine if warning signs are severe enough to lead to engine failure, which is why we recommend having a professional access your vehicle for damage.

Schedule an Oil Change in Green Bay, WI

If your vehicle needs an oil change, visit Gandrud Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Green Bay, where our technicians will ensure your engine and other systems stay in great shape for longer. Schedule an oil change appointment today!